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Why Should I Get a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology?

If you’re unfamiliar with the social science of sociology, you may wonder why someone would choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in this field. The American Sociological Association defines sociology as “the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.”

ThoughtCo notes that the study of sociology involves studying how human behavior is shaped by social structures (like groups, communities, and organizations); social categories (like age, class, sex, and race); and social institutions (like politics, religion, and education).

An online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology from the University of Mount Saint Vincent (UMSV) fully equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to pursue fulfilling careers while expanding their viewpoints on complicated social issues. There are also multiple reasons to pursue this degree, including developing transferable skills, increasing job opportunities, and making a positive difference in the community.

Further Develop Your Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are applicable in every job, no matter the field or role. These skills can be both hard skills (coding or engineering) and soft skills (communication and adaptability). Transferable skills can be gained from education, past job experiences, volunteering, and more.

In UMSV’s online BA in Sociology program, students develop their skills as writers, public speakers, researchers, critical thinkers, data interpreters, and more. Employers continue to employ professionals with transferable skills because these professionals tend to go above and beyond typical job responsibilities. Armed with transferable skills and a completed degree, graduates increase their career opportunities.

Increase Your Career Opportunities

UMSV’s versatile sociology online program opens the doors to numerous industries, allowing graduates to pursue careers in criminal justice, social services, marketing, and more. UMSV’s program provides two specializations for students: the Criminology and Justice Track or the Social Service/Social Work Track.

Examples of career paths for program graduates are:

With additional study beyond a bachelor’s in sociology, majors in this field develop a strong foundation and can go on to pursue further education and jobs in law, counseling, public relations, research, and other areas.

Make a Difference in the Community

Due to the nature of the work sociology graduates choose to pursue, there’s no doubt they will help community members with a unique set of skills and knowledge.

For example, case managers help individuals navigate social service systems and agencies, access resources, and develop care plans. They work directly with clients from diverse populations to ensure they receive the necessary services and support. These populations may include the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or individuals experiencing homelessness.

Another example of an impactful career is a probation officer. Probation officers monitor individuals released from prison or placed on probation. They make sure these individuals are following the terms of their release. Probation officers also provide referrals to community resources to help these individuals successfully reintegrate into society.

A bachelor’s degree in sociology fully prepares professionals to work in life-changing roles and lead with empathy, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

How to Earn A Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

If you think a degree in sociology could be for you, then UMSV makes earning your bachelor’s degree easier than ever. If you already started your higher education journey, then you can transfer up to 90 credits you previously earned to the Sociology program.

Since this program is entirely online, you can learn from anywhere anytime. Finish your degree strong and positively impact your life and others’ lives with a sociology degree.

Learn more about the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s online BA in Sociology program.

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