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The Benefits of an Online MBA Degree

Earning an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has many benefits. An MBA is a graduate degree focusing on practical business management concepts and leadership and technical skills needed to build a successful career. Those with an MBA can enjoy increased earning potential, career opportunities, and job security. By learning how the global marketplace operates, MBA graduates can improve their soft skills, expand their worldview, develop their professional network, gain expertise, and grow their credibility.

An advanced business degree provides additional conveniences and advantages, such as a flexible schedule and greater accessibility and affordability. An online Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Mount Saint Vincent (UMSV) can help students achieve their full potential in a multidisciplinary program. Ideal for working professionals, this 100% online degree program will expand a student’s knowledge of economics, marketing, accounting, human resources, data analytics, and more.

Flexibility, Affordability, and ROI

Online MBA degrees are worth it for those focused on affordability, allowing them to interact with professors and fellow classmates in an environment unique to online learning. One of the most significant advantages of earning an online MBA is flexibility. Attending class and completing assignments from anywhere at any time means students don’t have to move to a new city or find a new job while enrolled in a graduate program. Online MBAs are a powerful draw for those with families or an established career they don’t want to abandon.

Online programs also typically accept students from around the world, meaning students have global networking opportunities. Interacting with potential employers or future colleagues in an online setting can provide various career possibilities that may not have been possible in an in-person environment. An online degree program can offer significant opportunities to meet new people.

Students in an online MBA program can customize the number of courses they take and gain valuable technological skills to become adaptable leaders. Online learning portals allow students to access required information, turn in assignments, receive feedback, view grades, and use interactive technology tools.

According to, MBA graduates typically earn more money than those with other types of graduate degrees. The average starting salary is between 22% and 40% higher than those with a bachelor’s degree. Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that careers in the business and finance sectors are projected to grow at 7% through 2031. With a growing online education space and remote workforce, online MBA programs are preparing students for remote work and how to collaborate with remote teams.

Take Advantage of a Business Skill Set

With program courses like Fundraising and Institutional Advancement; Competing in a Global Business Environment; and Foundations of Accounting, Finance and Economics, UMSV’s online MBA degree program equips students for successful business careers while building important managerial, social responsibility and leadership competencies. Graduates will be prepared to examine and assess strategic management and its influence on business development and sustainability, understand the effect of multinational corporations and globalization on the international and domestic markets, and apply organizational management and marketing strategies to promote corporate productivity, growth, and a positive work environment and culture.

Learn more about the University of Mount Saint Vincent’s online Master of Business Administration program.

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