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Online MBA Programs

Earn the in-demand business degree top employers prefer. Our online MBAs are affordable, flexible, and ACBSP-accredited. Enhance your overall business acumen and build expertise in high-growth fields that fit your career goals.

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Why choose our online MBA:

  • Affordable tuition
  • 100% online coursework
  • As few as 12 months to complete

Which MBA is right for you?


Master of Business Administration - General

12 months Duration
30 Credit Hours
$15,630 Total Tuition

Expand your ability to excel in a wide range of senior roles across multiple industries with a General MBA online. Gain critical thinking, leadership, and social responsibility strategies and a deeper understanding of how core business functions interact. With a future-oriented focus on emerging critical issues such as data analytics, globalization, multicultural organizations, and new business legislation, this 100% online MBA prepares you to succeed both today and tomorrow.

  • Understand critical concepts of financial and managerial accounting and business finance, including financial analysis, investment risk and valuation, financial institutions, markets, and accounting applications
  • Analyze and assess strategic management and its impact on business development and sustainability
  • Critique the theory and practice of economics, including corporate and market structures, fiscal and monetary policies, public finance, and international economics
  • Understand the effect of multinational corporations and globalization on the domestic and international markets
  • Explain the critical role of information management systems on an organization’s functions, performance, and productivity and use statistics and quantitative methodologies to develop data-based initiatives
  • Assess the importance of the legal environment and its application to contract enforcement, ownership rights, and dispute resolution
  • Apply organizational management and marketing strategies to promote corporate growth, productivity, and a positive work culture
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Manager
  • Business Owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Auditor
  • Executive

Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

12 months Duration
30 Credit Hours
$15,630 Total Tuition

Build in-demand expertise in a growing, vital field and expand your career options with an ACBSP-accredited Healthcare Management MBA from the Mount. Learn how to improve the quality, effectiveness, and financial viability of our medical system in this robust online MBA program which culminates with a capstone course. Explore the strategies, practices, and issues governing healthcare administration, finance, management, and leadership, and develop stronger competencies in core business functions.

  • Analyze the various components of the U.S. healthcare system and understand the concepts required to successfully and effectively manage healthcare organizations
  • Evaluate the role that organizations play in healthcare systems and identify and assess current industry direction and trends
  • Explain and evaluate the financial management systems of healthcare organizations and use this knowledge to improve management and leadership effectiveness in the healthcare sector
  • Identify and analyze risks within the healthcare system that affect organizations’ financial viability and propose and develop risk mitigation solutions
  • Explain and critique the role of healthcare-accrediting bodies within the private sector
  • Identify and evaluate the expectations of stakeholders in maintaining quality in healthcare, including the potential for moral hazard and the development of strategies to minimize its occurrence
  • Biopharmaceutical Manager
  • Clinical Director/Supervisor
  • Clinical Trials Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Healthcare Executive

Master of Business Administration in International Business

12 months Duration
30 Credit Hours
$15,630 Total Tuition

Future-proof your career with advanced expertise in global commerce. Our ACBSP-accredited online International Business MBA prepares you to leverage opportunities presented by the rapid growth of globalization. In this comprehensive online MBA program, you will analyze how multinational companies function and compete in the global market. You will also learn how to overcome issues associated with cultural differences, international governance, and antitrust legislation.

  • Evaluate how multinational companies or global enterprises conduct business in varied countries, diagnose obstacles that arise from cultural differences, and synthesize solutions for the successful operation of a multinational enterprise
  • Analyze the global structures of international business, including how companies develop and implement strategies to operate and compete in the global market
  • Assess the importance of international governance and regulation in shaping the international business environment
  • Explain the concept of collusion, analyze its existence between two or more firms, and evaluate how antitrust legislation affects their behavior and operations
  • Judge the effectiveness of international treaties and evaluate their impact on the international flow of goods and services
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Global Sourcing Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Director of Sales
  • Global Product Manager

Master of Business Administration in Nonprofit Management

12 months Duration
30 Credit Hours
$15,630 Total Tuition

Develop the expertise to succeed in a variety of community-focused leadership positions with a Nonprofit Management MBA. Gain the ability to overcome the current challenges facing nonprofit organizations by increasing your knowledge of accounting, budgeting, and the legal and functional responsibilities of governing boards. This 100% online MBA focuses on cutting-edge trends in the nonprofit sector and empowers you to serve your community as a dynamic nonprofit manager.

  • Describe the differences between management in the nonprofit sector and management in other sectors
  • Explain the differences between organizations classified under 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) and the advantages and limitations related to each classification
  • Explain the governing board’s legal and functional responsibilities and identify board best practices
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of various types of cross-sector collaboration from the perspective of managers in the nonprofit sector
  • Explain the fundraising process
  • Describe common types of partnerships between nonprofit organizations and business firms
  • Program Director
  • Nonprofit CEO
  • Executive Director
  • Social Services Manager
  • Fundraising Manager

ACBSP accredited

The College of Mount Saint Vincent business programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), an authority recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for the national accreditation of business schools.

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