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Learn Best Practices for Marketing Healthcare Through an MBA in Healthcare Management

Healthcare management — in environments like hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical organizations — involves marketing healthcare services. This career path requires a strategic approach that considers the unique needs of a target audience and how best to reach them.

Graduates of the online Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management program from the University of Mount Saint Vincent (UMSV) gain the necessary marketing skills to direct consumers to services and programs that improve patient and community well-being. With courses such as Marketing for Health Care Programs and Foundations of Marketing & the Management of Information Systems, graduates are ready to address marketing roles in the growing field of healthcare management.

What Are the Benefits of Healthcare Marketing?

The healthcare industry is more competitive than ever, and marketing an organization’s offerings can be challenging. However, the benefits are worthwhile.

  • Increase awareness of services and programs by keeping them top of mind with the public.
  • Attract new patients and retain current patients by offering high-value information and care.
  • Improve the company’s reputation by deepening community engagement and trust.
  • Strengthen community health by reinforcing healthy habits and early detection programs.

Top Healthcare Marketing Tips

Marketing healthcare services takes skill, practice, and more than a speedy website. The following tips can jumpstart healthcare management professionals’ efforts to market their organization’s services and programs:

  • Proactively manage your online reputation. Online reviews can tremendously impact any business, and healthcare organizations are no exception. Survey findings reported by MobiHealthNews found that 95% of respondents viewed online ratings as somewhat or very reliable, and 70% said that online ratings and reviews had influenced their choice of physician.

Organizations without online reviews could cause patients to shy away from services, while too many negative reviews may raise concerns about the quality of care. Managers can set up Google Alerts or use social media listening tools to receive notifications when their company is mentioned online and respond promptly and professionally to negative comments. They can also create a system to request and collect patient feedback regularly.

  • Get active on social media. Healthcare organizations should have an online presence to keep in touch with patients and the community. Managers should regularly post relevant, helpful content on the company’s social media accounts, respond to comments and messages, and engage with followers. Consistent and positive engagement can boost the company’s online reputation and expand its reach and impact.
  • Practice search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine results can drive online traffic to an organization’s website, so practicing SEO strategies is critical. For example, hospitals may create free tools like vaccination schedules, medication dosage charts, or other information online users search for frequently. These resources will rise to the top of search results and increase the potential for engagement with current or prospective patients.
  • Know your analytics. The rise in digital data can provide massive amounts of information for business-savvy management professionals. Specifically, website and social media analytics may tell you about who is visiting your site and what information most interests them, guiding future content or other marketing decisions.
  • Create a holistic marketing strategy. Although digital avenues represent a significant portion of today’s marketing, healthcare management professionals should avoid focusing solely on these options. Creating a holistic marketing strategy that integrates various marketing channels, including digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and traditional advertising like billboards and radio ads, can leverage the strengths of each and maximize marketing efforts.

About UMSV’s Online MBA in Healthcare Management Program

By developing a robust online presence, embracing digital marketing, and intermittently reviewing progress, healthcare management professionals can create a holistic marketing strategy that promotes valuable services and programs, attracts patients, and drives positive outcomes for the community. In UMSV’s online MBA in Healthcare Management program, you can learn more about these concepts and leverage them into a healthcare management career.

Learn more about UMSV’s online MBA in Healthcare Management program.

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